There’s nothing I love more than masking. Seriously! There’s something about slapping on a face mask, drinking a glass of wine while parked on the couch watching whatever trashy show is on Bravo that is very relaxing to me. I mean, I basically just described my Sunday night to you.

But this is where Complex Beauty comes in. This brand is all about high performance skincare for low maintenance peeps (raises hand). They take the most natural, clinically proven, and complex blend of ingredients to create multitasking products that benefit every skin type.

So if you’re a face mask lover like myself, you’ll definitely want to read my review of Complex Beauty’s six face masks.

First things first, I need to disclose that the incredible team at Complex Beauty was kind enough to send me samples of their face masks that will be launching later this month! However, thoughts and opinions of the products are my own.

Since this is a rather lengthy post, I thought I would break things up by talking about the three masks I loved first, then the three masks that didn’t work for my skin type.


I have used this mask three times since receiving the samples. Yeah, it’s that good. The Ocean Potion mask helps heal and balance skin. It’s great to use if your skin is congested, or stressed out. It applies easily and dries like a clay mask. However, it doesn’t crack, or flake off when it dries (which I love). I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, i.e. enough time to grab some wine and scroll through Instagram. It rinses off easily, unlike other clay masks, and leaves my skin feeling clean, without stripping it of moisture. Like, when can I get the full size tub of this?


If you’re in need of a gentle exfoliating mask, you will love Smooth Operator. This antioxidant mask helps gently exfoliate your skin, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. I try to use an exfoliating product at least twice a week to slough off the dead skin and amp up the glow. This has become my go-to product to do just that! It contains glycolic acid to exfoliate skin, reduce scarring and blemishes, and prevent skin from looking aged, or dull. Did I mention it’s gentle? My skin is pretty sensitive and this mask doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Big thumbs up!


My skin also tends to be on the drier side, meaning I am always reaching for hydrating skincare products. The Thirst Quencher mask hydrates, plumps and smooths my complexion in just 20 minutes. It has a thick, gel consistency that applies easily and feels like a gel moisturizer on the skin. I slathered this mask all over my face the other night and when I rinsed it off my skin felt so soft and looked as if I had drank eight gallons of water. This mask would also be great to use when traveling to keep skin healthy and hydrated. I will definitely be buying the full size tub of this mask!



My skin and rose-based products just don’t agree with eachother. I’m not sure why since rose is supposed to be calming on the skin, but I’m always left with red, splotchy skin after using rose products. The Rose Glow mask has a similar texture to Thirst Quencher, but it is more difficult to get out of the tub and apply. If your skin reacts well to rose-based skincare products definitely give this a try. This mask will exfoliate, brighten and firm your complexion leaving it smooth and glowing.


I wanted to love this mask so much, but just didn’t see the results I wanted. The consistency was a bit off for me (a little too runny), making it difficult to apply. I also wanted it to dry to the same finish as the Ocean Potion mask, but it didn’t. It does contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help plump skin and treat acne. It’s a different type of clarifying mask, but it just didn’t do much for me.


I still can’t decide if I like this mask, or not. The Godmother is a pumpkin enzyme mask similar to the popular Peter Thomas Roth mask everyone raves about. If you have sensitive skin like me, you only need to leave this mask on for maybe 10 minutes tops. It contains pumpkin, obviously, which helps dissolve dry skin, promote skin production, minimize pores, and leave skin smooth and even. It did sting a bit after application, and left my skin red after washing it off with a muslin cloth. On the plus side, the mask smells like pumpkin pie. The downside? I think it might be too aggressive for my sensitive skin.

Are you still with me? If you are, I’m impressed! I highly recommend you head over to Complex Beauty’s website and sign up to be notified when their products launch this month. If you’re a mask addict like myself, your skin will thank you!

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